Meet just a few of the Yoga for Surfers® TT Graduates!


Anne Fish -- Melbourne, Australia

"All of my friends and family have commented on how well I looked on arriving home from the Teacher Training with Peggy and David.  This has inspired many of them to ask me to come and teach or put together programs for their specific needs. The training has given me the confidence and ability to do that effectively. I have gained a love and a far greater depth of understanding of what yoga can bring to your life and I am really excited about sharing that."

How will you use what you learned in the YFS TT?

My whole family surf, my youngest competitively.  With the teacher training I hoped to gain a more in depth knowledge of yoga so that I could confidently and competently develop more programs to help Georgia be better physically, mentally and emotionally prepared for competition.  I also wanted to be able to learn how to safely adapt poses to suit people with various injuries or conditions.  The training surpassed all of my expectations and I have come home full of ideas and inspirations.  The feedback from friends and family is all positive.  My daughters (17 & 19) are asking me to do classes for their friends and fellow surfers, and friends are recommending other friends!    Experiencing the benefits of the Yoga for Surfers program and seeing my transformation has inspired both my daughters to want to become certified Yoga for Surfer instructors."

What would you say to others who are thinking about taking the YFS TT?

"When the opportunity to apply for the training came up, I was concerned that maybe I wasn’t experienced enough in yoga...  I was also a bit concerned about standing up in front of a room full of people I didn’t know and having to teach them.  All I can say to anyone is Don’t Worry – Just do itIt is one of the best things I have ever done. 

To meet and learn with other Yoga for Surfer advocates from around the world only enhanced the learning experience.  Peggy’s style of teaching is nurturing and encouraging and helps everyone to feel at ease.  The course notes and information were clear and concise.  The different ages, backgrounds, experience and reasons for wanting to train, but a common love of the Yoga for Surfers style of yoga, connected us all in a very special way.  The energy that grew each day and connected us as a group was incredible.  I feel so lucky to have met all these amazing people and know that I have made friends for life! Can't wait for level 2."

Audrey Meyer -- Cabarete, Dominican Republic"

I am a passionate and professional water sport & fitness woman, specializing in motivating and inspiring others to achieve their individual health & fitness goals!

I have traveled the world, competing at the PKRA Kiteboarding World Cup as a professional kiteboarding for 3 years. I was ranked 5th best female kiteboarder in the world in 2008 and just got crowned best female of the Master of the Ocean 2010, a kite surf, wind surf and surfing triathlon in the waves.

I have been running my kiteboarding school “Dare2fly” in Cabarete, D.R. since 2001. As a sports teacher, sports, fitness, nutrition and wellness has always ruled my life!

The ocean is my life. Yoga is my oxygen. Adrenaline is my drug! I like to push myself, go forward, live my life on the edge of my comfort zone. Yoga helps me to safely push that edge.

What I experienced during the YFS training was a full life change. My transformation was:


As Peggy mentioned, we should not be ashamed of the positive things happening to us. On the other end we should share those things with the entire world.

Since I am more aware, I don't feel ashamed to laugh and make other people laugh too. I am more open to everyone and would like to share my knowledge and my positive energy.

I want to contribute to the world and to people to make them feel better. I am going to start with the people I know (my community, my co-workers, my friends, my family, my dear partner) where I am with what I have.

But of course, I want to expand to the entire world. And I will, because I believe I can. And today, in the world we are living, with the all media communication, it would be selfish not to.

What would you say to others who are considering doing this training but are not sure yet?

Meeting wonderful people with amazing energy and putting all this energy together was huge and really emotional. I think we all learned from each other and all discover a new ourselves. I was astonished how much we smiled, how much we laughed together, how much we enjoyed each other considering we just had meet.

We all got guided by Peggy through some teaching and communication methods. BUT we all learned how to teach our own way of Yoga For Surfer with OUR words, OUR feelings, OUR history.

I totally discovered myself.

So I would just say: Go ahead, follow your dreams and listen to yourself! The yoga training will help you to be more aware of how special you are. Don't wait!"

Courtney Noble -- Laguna Niguel, California

"The YFS training has forever changed how I see Yoga and surfing.

I now know Yoga is a way of life, before it was just the physical part that I knew of, now my eyes are opened to so much more.

It is spiritual, emotional and physical, a life long journey for sure. Since the YFS training I want to go deeper into learning about Mudras, Chakras, and more. I really see this as the spiritual path I have been looking for.

Since the training I have learned to surf more mindfully (of others) try and smile more in the water and be more friendly. This is very new to me because I grew up thinking surfing is territorial and you have to have some attitude. I have been surfing better and having more fun in the water.

I would tell others this is the coolest present you can give yourself. It really does not matter where you go from the training, but will change how you see Yoga and/or surfing forever.

The experience I had was amazing and the people were the coolest. Peggy is a great teacher and you will be inspired just by her energy (and David too)!

I tell everyone I see how great of a time I had, and people can see that I did!"

Gillian Gibree -- San Diego, California

"I love surfing in every form. I body surf, SUP surf, short board, and long board. I love anything and everything to do with the ocean and the beach, and it will always be a part of my life.

I live a healthy and active lifestyle as a sponsored athlete in SUP races, SUP surfing, and life guard competitions.  I love teaching stand up paddle boarding, and I enjoy how much joy and peace it brings into people’s lives. I think yoga and SUP bring out very similar feelings of gratitude and give you a total mind, body, spirit connection. With the YFS Teacher Training, I can become a better instructor and so I can share these two amazing practices with others!

In some yoga classes I have taken, I feel the instructors have a feeling of superiority, and I feel intimidated. I find that Peggy's style is much more welcoming and open, which is the feeling I want my students to have. The YFS Teacher Training is a very unique program with instruction that I cannot receive anywhere else!"

Janice Belcher -- Dominical, Costa Rica

I was so excited at being accepted for the first ever Yoga for Surfer's Teacher Training and it totally exceeded my expectations.  Each day spent with such an amazing group of like minded women from all over the world, created such a feeling of strong positive energy that was beaming out of each and every one of us. 

I felt transformed by everyone on the course as each one of us brought together our own life experiences to share and learn with each other, it was absolutely amazing.  I looked forward to every day and as each day passed I felt a huge sense of gratitude and enjoyment for life. 

Peggy you are an amazing teacher, your big smile and enthusiam for sharing your true life passions just shines through, I just wanted to absorb everything so as to continue sharing the vibe.  We were one big family and although I felt a little sad as the course came to an end, at the same time I feel extremely blessed, excited and confident knowing that I can share all that I have learnt with others. 

If you truly have a love for surfing and yoga and feel that you want to share this with the world the course will help you spread that vibe and in that process transforming yourself. 

Kaiulani Holmquist -- Sunset Beach, California

"The Yoga for Surfers Teacher Training was an experience that provided motivation and inspiration for me, above and beyond my expectations.  It was wonderful to meet women who are passionate about helping others and excited about teaching yoga and surfing.  Learning how to surf with such an amazing group of women was the best!  I still think of all your smiles each time I paddle out.

Originally I signed up for the teacher training to determine if teaching yoga is something I wanted to pursue.  And I came back from the training with a renewed sense of optimism and passion for life and for yoga and surfing.  Because of Peggy's training and the advice I received that week, I now feel confident that my dream of teaching yoga is going to become a reality!

I knew Peggy would go above and beyond...and yet she still was able to exceed my expectations!"

Marianne Chie-White -- Chiba, Japan

By going through the YFS Teacher Training, I gained confidence in myself, in teaching yoga and a realization that yoga can be fun and beneficial. It doesn't have to be a strict regime that takes the fun & lightness out, we experienced yoga that is all encompassing.

I was inspired by Peggy & my classmates that were either already living their dreams or were on the path to living their dreams. The group showed me that yes, it is possible, it is okay to follow my dreams even if it may not follow "conventional" life plans. I will teach yoga for surfers here in Japan and see what will manifest onwards.

This is a great opportunity, whether you want to teach, deepen your own practice or just have fun witha bunch of amazing people!  I had so much fun learning more about yoga in such a loving, RELAXED atmosphere AND getting to surf as part of the training & each morning before class started.

It was an amazing vacation, treat & educational experience for me. I'm so happy that I took part in the Yoga for Surfers teachers training."

Mary Wimmer -- Phoenix, Arizona

"I have already used much of what I learned during the teacher training - my inner city high school students have learned to surf and love it!!  Nothing like a quick pop up on a Monday morning with a visualization activity to complement the stoke for kids who may have never seen the ocean much less surfed!  They love it - Thank you!!  I'm looking forward to the business tips and conversations with everyone that will follow and also Level 2!!

The courage to trust my intuition has always been there - the reinforcement of trusting my intuition while being in the presence of other strong, independent, like minded individuals was an amazing experience - to everyone thank you again!!

To others:  What are you waiting for????  You may never have this opportunity again - just go with it and be prepared to meet amazing individuals with amazing experience and vision that will support and encourage you along your journey.  Take a week off from life to focus on yourself and be ready for some inspiration you had no idea you needed from some very amazing people!!

With love, gratitude, and everything else!!"

Sarah Kate Williams -- Mayo, Ireland

"Through this YFS training I have deepened my understanding of Yoga and have reached a new level in mind, body and soul which has enriched my life beyond measure.

I was reminded and encouraged to believe in myself and follow my dreams. I gained strengthened confidence in expressing the true, unique me in a group situation and sharing my creative ideas and inspirations with others, allowing a sense of my own self to shine through my understanding of all I learnt.

I feel blessed to have been apart of this first TT and confident and exicited about sharing this journey with others and awakening them to "the pure joy that resides in us all".

What would you say to others who are considering doing this training but are not sure yet?

Breathe, Reflect, Connect...if this is what you truly feel is the right path for you and the essence of YFS resonates deeply within, follow your intuition and let it be a guiding light to fullfilling your dreams! Go for it!

It was a wonderful experience coming together in a YFS union with like-minded souls from around the world. So much positive energy connecting on the same level was inspiring and heartening, and it gave me renewed hope for our future! I learnt so much from every individual on the course, they gave me endless inspiration and a good laugh too. I feel blessed to have made Yogini friends for life!"

Staci Diggins -- Laguna Beach, California

"I was ready for changes to my life and Yoga for Surfers Teacher Training was exactly the change I was looking for. As a participant in many of Peggy's classes I knew her style of teaching mirrored my active lifestyle.  As an avid surfer and athlete over the last 18 years I wanted a training program that I could incorporate into a day-to-day routine that would benefit my workout performance.

Upon entering the training program with limited teaching skills I left feeling more comfortable and confident in front of an audience than inany of the college courses I've taken.  By learning not only the philosophy of yoga, but nutrition, anatomy and simplified teaching methodologies, I feel empowered to instruct anyone from kids to extreme male athletes. 

Teaching yoga always seemed intimidating from a participant point of view because I thought you had to "master" the poses or know all the "sanskrit" words, but that's not the case with Yoga for Surfers. The YFS Teacher Training explained the "how", "what", "when", "where" and "why" yoga practice is, in simple, easy to understand, practical terminology.    

I feel lucky to have been chosen for the initial YFS teacher training course and was touched by every person participating. I have new life-long friendships around the world that I look forward to growing.  To be with a small group of people with similar interests, desires and dreams is a lifetime opportunity and know we'll all continue to support each other in our future endeavors even though we're miles apart.  Thanks Peggy for creating this class and changing my life in so many ways!"

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