How to Prepare for the YFS TT

Once more, congratulations on your acceptance into the Yoga for Surfers® Teacher Training Program!

You've been selected to be part of an exclusive group of enthusiastic individuals on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery!

You'll get hands-on experience in learning to teach Yoga for Surfers® safely and effectively, sharing your own personality and gifts in the process.

Here are the details to help you prepare for your trip!


The closest airport to San Clemente is Orange County (SNA), about 25 minutes from the Volare Hotel, where the training will be held.

If you're flying internationally, you'll probably fly into Los Angeles (LAX), which is about 60 minutes (or more depending on traffic).

You can take an Uber or Lyft from the airport to the Volare Hotel, or you can take a shuttle. 

A well-known shuttle service is called “Prime Time Shuttle” -- or you can google other services.

If you plan to travel on your own before or after the training, you could also rent a car for your own use.

But we'll drive you to the surf excursions and other activities during the training so you don't really need a car during the training.

IMPORTANT FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS: You are coming as a tourist on a B-1 tourist visa. You are not classified as an "international student" which requires a different and more complicated visa. Basically you are coming for an educational conference.

TRAVEL DATES & Training Schedule

Why not come a few days early and enjoy beautiful Southern California?

Many international trainees arrive at least two days before the course begins so they can recover from the time zone difference.

Everyone is encouraged to arrive no later than the afternoon of Thursday Sept 21, 2017

JOIN US for an informal "Welcome" at 5:30pm on Thursday Sept 21 at the Volare Hotel lobby. We'll enjoy some refreshments and get to greet each other before the course officially starts on Friday at 8:30 am.

Each day we'll meet approximately 8:30 in the morning and head to the beach (conditions permitting) for yoga at the beach, followed by a surf session for those who desire.

Remember, being an expert surfer is NOT required! We are all here to enjoy ourselves and if that includes time in the water, that's great. If not, you can enjoy the beach, go for a walk, rest, read, study, etc.

The days will flow with discussions, yoga, surf clinics, practice teaching and learning!

Lunch breaks are normally about 60-90 minutes, depending on what's going on each day.

The training will ebb and flow with everyone's energy and needs so we can balance effort with ease and time for reflection.

The day ends officially around 5:30-ISH, again depending on what the day holds. Often there is time for an evening surf for those who desire.

Often we enjoy our meals together, including picnics on the beach, and occasionally there is a passionate "foodie" chef among us and it's always fun to cook and prepare meals together.

Keep in mind, the training is fluid, so times and activities may change in order for YOU to get the most out of it!

Be ready to give feedback as the course progresses so we can change course if need be to make sure your need are met.

It's going to be an amazing experience!

NOTE FOR DEPARTURE: The course officially concludes Saturday Sept 30 with a full day of activities, culminating in the certificate ceremony, followed by a farewell party with everyone included! We normally get together informally on Sunday for a final surf or breakfast and our good-byes. Most people depart on Sunday or stay for an extra few days for their own travel adventures.

YFS TT Training Location

Volare Hotel
111 S Avenue De La Estrella, San Clemente, CA 92672
Phone 949-361-3000


We will have a variety of different boards on hand for you to borrow.

Some trainees prefer to rent a board from a local shop for the duration of the training to make sure they have what they need/prefer.

Part of the fun is trying different boards, and what you normally ride at home might be better suited for your home break rather than the California waves.

Again, this is not a surf retreat per se, so surfing will take a back seat if need be to make sure we are covering all the training material.

However, since the course is specifically designed for you to learn surf-specific yoga, it's helpful to take what you learn on the waves!


The weather is quite nice in September, still warm, with great waves!

Most California locals say Sept is their favorite time of the year...temperatures are around 78 degrees high, 64 low (average)

But, you still want to be prepared for cool nights and mornings.

And, many trainees feel more comfortable having a wetsuit, even through the water will likely be around 69-70 degrees or more.


Wetsuit if you want it (or shorty)

Bathing suit

Beach towels (2, so one can dry while you use the other)


Comfy clothes for yoga + hanging out

Yoga mat

Hoodie or sweatshirt



Surf boards (can rent one if preferred from local shop)

Training notebook + materials

Coffee, tea, snacks during the training (but meals are not included)


If you would like to do some preliminary reading (or simply add to your library for future reference), here is a list of some of my favorite books on yoga:

(1) Mudras: Yoga in Your Hands by Gertrud Hirschi

This book has influenced so much my my teaching and approach to yoga, breathing, mudras, visualization, etc. An excellent resource book to draw upon for your own teaching.

(2) The Key Muscles of Yoga (purchase here:

You can also download a free book on the same website. Look around, they have excellent resources that you might want to get for your own personal development.

(3) Light on Yoga by BKS Iynegar An excellent resource for the history and philosophy of yoga.

These are not required books, but strongly recommended for your own self-study.


Peggy Hall 949-682-6888

David Hall 949-355-3927

Guri Bigham 808-419-1661

Volare Hotel 949-361-3000

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to San Clemente and sharing a glorious adventure together with Yoga for Surfers®!

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